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Training and Experience

After a 3 year Training to become a softwaredeveloper, i worked for 6 years developing software for industrial needs. That was mainly C# with windows.forms . One of my tasks was to program interfaces for different industrial power screwdrivers, mostly over network. On occasion i worked on some smaller (partl) projects in C++ and C# with WPF. Also most projects have a connection to a MS-SQL database via NHibernate, which i contributed to as well.

Due to my training Java, PHP, JavaScript, ASP.NET and CSS are also familiar to me.


If you want to hire me for a project as a freelancer or for a regular job, you are welcome to contact me, but note my limitations.

I will only accept work that can be done remotely or is close enough for me to travel daily. I also can only work part time since i still want to make progress on my own project.

If you still want to hire me, please use the Contact.